Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Pics of the inferno on St. James and Muizenberg
Mountains taken on the night of 3/4 March 2015.



The following three images were captured 
at 6:30 am from the fire escape landing at our
kitchen door. At this point the flames were
approx 300m away and we could hear the
"crackle" and feel the heat. Due to a heavy
dark cloud of smoke which drifted down and
choked our breathing, we decided to evacuate.
We drove the cars 500m down Main Rd. towards
Kalk Bay. The firefighters on Boyes Dr.
managed to successfully contain the fire and
a light sea breeze came along to clear the air
around our apartment. We returned after 45mins.


A fire hose on Boyes Dr. at the top of
Jacob's Ladder, St. James.
An exhausted trio of firemen
visible in the distance.

Smouldering fynbos on the mountain slope
above Boyes Drive, St. James.
Firefighters on Boyes Dr. exhausted and
almost "out" on their feet after two days of
heroic fire-fighting.


A South African Air Force 22 squadron 
Oryx carrying out water-bombing duties.
Bell UH-1 "Huey" helicopters scooping water
near the St, James tidal pool and water-bombing
the Muizenberg Mountains.



"New" fires flaring up on Muizenberg Mountains
on the morning of 3 march 2015.


The charred slope of the St. James
Mountain is visible in the background.

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